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First Atlantis DVD Review: The first Region 2 DVD of the latest stargate incarnation is about to launch onto DVD players everywhere. And here's stargater.co.uk's review: Stargate Atlantis Volume 1 - Available March 14th 2005. Expect our take on volume 2 to be up on the website as soon as we get round to watching it .

New DVD Review: Here's the first in a line of reviews of the latest Stargate DVDs that are going to be hitting the shelves soon. Read what stargater.co.uk thought about the episodes and special features on this DVD:  Stargate SG-1 Volume 39 - Available from the 28th March 2005.

It's the season to be jolly: Merry Christmas from stargater.co.uk, and we hope you all have a great time over Xmas and New Year and get lots of Stargate related pressies. And if you don't, we're planning a prize draw of stargate goodies in the new year. So be sure to check the site often. Also, with both SG-1 and Atlantis continuing on in 2005, there really is plenty to look forward too. Ho Ho Ho ;).

Shop Updates: The first 2 DVDs for SG-1 Season 8 and Atlantis Season 1 are up for pre-order. The season 7 boxset is now available in region 2 format, out 28 February 2005.

Ben Browder joins Stargate: The Farscape star is set to join SG-1 for it's ninth season. As far as we know he'll become the 4th member of the SG-1 team, and fill the gap left by O'Neills promotion. Roll on Season 9 (Which is scheduled to begin filming in the early spring ready for a summer airing on the US Sci-Fi channel, and presumably an Autumn start for us Brit's).

SG-1 and Atlantis stars hit the UK: Stargate guests include Christopher Judge, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, and Michael Greenburg, to name a few. To read more about the event and see the full guest list, take a look at the press release:  London Film and Comic Con

Season 7 DVD Boxset Special Feature: View a selection of video clips, stills and boxart in our special Season 7 Boxset feature. The Region 1 DVD is set to release on the 19th October in the US.

Season 7 DVD Boxset: The Region 1 boxset is set to release on the 19th October in the US. Loaded 24-7 has the DVD with 25% Off (£34.99) and Free Delivery to the UK and Europe! DVD Box Sets

Amanda Tapping Femme Fatales: Colonel Carter turns glamour model on the cover of Femme Fatales magazine. To get a peek subscribe to the stargater newsletter.

Interview: Exclusive to Loud Vision, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge speak about the possibility of season 9, Atlantis and much more. Exclusive Stargate Interview

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Shop Updates: Vol. 37 has been released, which finishes off the season 7 collection. The extra's include a Stargate Atlantis preview and a 3 part behind the scenes look at The Lost City named "Inside Lost City". Season 7 DVDs

Stargate Game Info: stargater got in touch with perception to see if they were interested in the fans perspective. It turns out they are all big stargate fans themselves, and what Ben Lenzo has to say is very encouraging. Read his response here.

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SG-1 Season 7: Homecoming | Fragile Balance | Orpheus

Click here to go to the main page for the SG1 picture galleries. There are currently screen captured pics available, for Stargate episodes from season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Click here for pics from the SG1 Special 3. Click here for fan art. There are also Stargate - The Movie pictures.

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