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After The Singularity

"So Jack, what did you think?" Danny asked, as they walked through the park.

"About what Danny boy?" Jack asked him.

"All this Cassandra stuff. Do you believe Sam didnít want her?" Danny asked Jack, as he stroked the dog in the soldierís arms.

"Yep. You?"

"I do not." TealíC commented.

"I donít either Jack. You should have seen her in Cassyís room when we found that bomb. She was crying, a lot. She felt sorry for the poor kid." Danny remembered the awful sight of Sam crying, and Cassy coughing.

"Perhaps Captain Carter was especially fond of Cassandra because the same thing happened to her." TealíC thought.

"What? Having her whole planet wiped out and being used as a bomb to destroy us?" Jack stopped.

"No, I meant that her mother died when she was but a child also, perhaps she felt sorry for Cassandra because she knew what it was like to loose a parent at a young age." TealíC answered him.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean she did stay down there, that shows she likes her, and she seems really attached to her. She isnít meant to be though, and she knows that." Jack told the guys, and then they started walking back to the swings.

"She does. I know that she does. God it scared me when she went back down!" Daniel announced, with relief in his voice.

"And me." Jack agreed.

"As was I." TealíC said.

"She doesnít want Janet to take her." Daniel looked at Sam, who was not too far away now.

"I think you might be right Danny." Jack nodded.

"I am right, arenít I?" Daniel asked the dog Jack was carrying. Jack made the dogís head nod.

"I have never seen Captain Carter smile as much as she has this afternoon OíNeill."

"Me neither. I asked Hammond if Sam could take Cass, I really did, but Janet was going to be a better parent. Not because Sam wouldnít beÖbut because sheís off world so much. Janet works long shifts, but at least sheís at home more." OíNeill ran up to Cassy, and gave her the dog back. Then he talked to Sam, but Daniel and TealíC couldnít hear what he was saying, because they were still standing in the same place they had been a minute ago.

"Heís got a point TealíC." Daniel thought.

"Yes." TealíC agreed.

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz


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