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After The Other Side

She stood there, staring at me, with a disgusted and disappointed look on her face. I know I just killed him. He was a horrible guy. She knows that, so whyís she taking it out on me? Itís not my fault they were nasty racist people that happened to be willing to share their technology with us. We did the right thing. I did the right thing. Shouldnít that count?

Now weíre in the de briefing room. She hasnít said a word to me except one Ďsir.í I know she blames me for killing him, and killing the technology with him, but he was dangerous. I did it for her. I did it for this base. I did it for the planet.


Iím sitting next to TealíC, whoís next to Hammond, whoís also next to Jack. Samís the other side of me. The Other Side. Yeah. Thatís a good choice of words. We didnít know the other side. We almost killed the good people. The people who were all shapes, sizes and colours. In the end though, we killed the bad guys. Sam looks furious with Jack. I have to admit, Iím angry my self, because he wouldnít listen to me, but he apologised.

The looks sheís been giving him could tame a three headed purple lion, like the one we found on PL8 75A. He did do the right thing, in the end. I do understand why sheís mad. That technology could have saved us. Saved us all, but if Jack had let Alar through, weíd all end up dead. He was evil, and he would have destroyed us all some how...


Samantha Carter does not look pleased. I have never seen her as angry as she is today. For once, I have to agree with OíNeill. He did do the right thing when he ordered the iris to be closed on Alar. He would have been a large threat to this planet. He was extremely dangerous. General Hammond appears to be upset that his favourite officers are fighting, or rather, Samantha Carter is fighting OíNeill. He just sits there. He does not fight back.


I wish we could stop, and just go home. I know Iím being unfair on the Colonel, but I am angry with him. Heís just soÖthe other day, he ordered me to get a life. That hurts. He just doesnít know about my life. He doesnít even know where I live. Did it ever occur to him that I do have a life? That I have a family to take care of? Doesnít he think itís strange that I always go around to his or Danielís place, and theyíve never been to mine? Mark and the kids are living with me because of the divorce. Tasha took the house from him, but he won the kids. Theyíre living with me. Two of Sokarís children and a two year old, as well as me and Mark, itís too crowded. Then we also have Tuna, my cat. Thatís why I stay around here. So I can get away.

I just canít believe it. With Alar, went all of his knowledge, all of his technology. That could have saved us. We could have defeated the Goaíuld once and for all. Sometimes I canít help but think that my people are too primitive. That we arenít advanced enough. Sometimes I wonder if Iím on the right planet, with the right race, and sometimes I wish I could give it all up and live with Dad and the Tokíra. With Jolinar left in my mind, it makes me feel like the Tauíri are not advanced enough for me. She was used to life as a Tokíra, with great technologies. That means I am too. She is me. I am her.

"Major?" Hammond asks me. It seems like it was the third time heíd asked, judging by his TealíC and Danielís faces.

"Sorry sir. What did you say?" I ask.

"Have you anything to add?" He repeats the question.

"No sir. Are we dismissed?" He nods. I pick up my file, and walk out as quick as I can, not leaving enough time for any one to catch up with me.


Something is going on with Sam. Something with her and Jack too. I intend to find out what.

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz


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