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Buried Memories

She stood at the end of the table, dressed in purple, watching her Jaffa prepare for the procedure. The girl lay there crying. She looked up at the woman but could not see her face.

"We are ready my Queen. As we speak, the substance is being released." A Jaffa told the woman.

"Very good. What is her name?" She asked, looking at the child.

"Subject five hundred and sixty-seven, Cassandra." He replied.


"No!" Cassandra Fraiser yelled, tossing and turning under her pink quilt. The light came on and Janet Fraiser appeared at her side.

"Cassy! Wake up sweetheart!" Jan called, shaking her. Cass sat up suddenly. "Bad dream again? You wanna talk about it?" Janet asked. She was used to it now. Every night for two months, Cassy had been having nightmares. What worried Janet was that she hadn't told anyone what the nightmares were about, or what had happened to her before SG-1 found her.

"Was it about home?" Janet asked, never receiving an answer, same as always. "When something bad happens, it's good to talk about it you know. When I was a little younger than you, my cousin Jessica was ran over, and I saw. She died. Honey I know from experience that it's not good to keep these things to yourself. Sometimes we need to talk about something to help ourselves get over it and move on. Now you know that I am always here, and you can tell me anything right? Not just me, you can talk to whoever you feel most comfortable talking to, Sam, or Jack or even Teal'C, I mean, you're both from other worlds…the point is that we're all here."

"I know." Cassy shot Janet a small smile.

"Okay." Janet got in to the bed and snuggled down under the covers, lying next to her new daughter.

"Janet, will you read to me?" Cassandra asked sweetly. Janet laughed and picked up a book from the bedside table.

"…and that's all I can read tonight, my eyes are hurting. Besides, two chapters is quite a lot." Janet yawned, putting the book away. Cassy started talking and when Janet realised what about, she snapped her head around to face her.

"I was out all day in the fields, gathering flowers for my mom's birthday. Suddenly, I wasn't. I was in this big room, it had a black floor and gold walls…and there were like ten men…men like Teal'C, and this woman…Dressed in purple…One man grabbed me and took me in to this other room. They made me lie on this…on this cold table…and injected me with something so I couldn't move. She stood at the end of the table…I was crying. I was really scared. I…I went to sleep then…and I woke up, back on Hanka…I crawled home because I felt funny still…there were bodies, everyone was dead or dying. I went…home…and everyone except my sister Paige was dead…she told me they were sleeping, but they weren't! We got out and went as far away as we could, we couldn't look at the bodies…and Paige lay down in the road and said she was tired and that I had to leave her, so I did, I didn't want to but she made me! Those men…they came down in their ships and I hid in the bushes. I…I didn't move from there for two days, until Sam found me…there were animals, and it was so cold, but the bodies, I couldn't look at them! I was so scared Janet!" Cassy cried. Janet hugged her tightly.

"Shhh! You're safe now. She can't hurt you now sweetheart. I promise." Janet had had no idea what had happened to Cassandra, none of them had before now, but they had all had their own thoughts about what might have happened.

Janet decided that she should stay where she was for the night, with Cassandra. She didn't want to move anyway because the girl was now lying with her head on Janet.

At this moment, Janet realised that she had just what she'd always wanted, someone to take care of.

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz


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