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Doctor Frasier: Medicine Woman - Because It's There Part 1
Note: This is set before “Rite of Passage” or ignoring that it happened. No brat Cassy, just sweet Cassy. Up to you. And Cassy is played by Katie Stuart not Colleen Rennison.


Janet Frasier opened her eyes slowly and smiled. The light was shining in to the bedroom. She rolled over, half expecting to see some form of giant alien bug thing lying next to her. Hey, it had happened to Sam. And Daniel. And Jack.

But there was no bug, simply an empty space. She shrugged and stretched out over the bed and closed her eyes again. It was early on Saturday morning, finally. She could go back to sleep.

And then a shadow appeared in the doorway, and ran in to the room, leaping under the covers. It was her daughter, Cassandra, and she had obviously been up for hours. She was as bouncy and bubbly as ever. 'No rest for the wicked,' she thought to herself, shuddering as Cassandra's cold feet lay next to hers.

“Morning mom,” She beamed. “Mom! Mom!”

“What? Cassy it's 8 o clock on a Saturday!” Frasier groaned, eyes closed.

“You said that you'd take me shopping today,” she reminded her.

“I remember. I also remember NOT saying that we would go at 8am,” Janet sighed again.

“Oh come on, you're awake now.”

“Fine. Half an hour. Now, go get ready, or lie here still, and quietly. Choice is yours.” Janet said, turning over.

“Fine, I'll go get ready. You know I need two pairs of jeans and a new shirt don't you? And new shoes. It's going to cost,” Cassandra said worriedly. She knew that Janet was well paid, but they had been struggling lately because the car had broken down. Repairs had cost a fortune.

Janet had been putting in loads of over time, Cassandra recalled. She felt kind of bad now, for waking her up. “Ah what the heck take an hour. I'll go make breakfast.”

“It's fine I just got paid extra this month,” Janet nodded. “And you don't really make cereal sweetie.”


Forty five minutes later Janet made her way down to the kitchen, wrapped in her fluffy blue night gown, to find a glass of orange juice and a plate of toast on the counter. She smiled and looked through to the living room, where the girl was watching a music channel. 'Thank god the girl has good taste,' she noted, sitting down.

“Hey mom,” Cassy grinned as she walked in to the Kitchen Diner, emptying her plate in to the bin and putting it in the dishwasher. “How is your toast? I know you like it almost burnt.”

“It's good, thank you honey. Hey why don't we make a real day of this trip, huh?” Janet suggested.

“Okay…What do you mean?” She asked, sitting down beside her mom.

“Well, we can go shopping and then stop for ice cream. And then maybe we could go see that new Johnny Depp film you wanted to see. I've been busy lately, I know I've not been able to pay you much attention,” Janet replied sadly. She had missed spending time with her.

“I understand. That sounds fun, mom. But I'm going out with Sam later, so I have to be back by four. She's taking me to dinner at Grace's Café.”

“Oh yes. Of course. I think she said if she's back from her mission. You have a selective memory Cass, you hear the parts you want to hear, don't ya?” Janet laughed, putting her arm around her.

“Yes I suppose I do. She thought she'd be back,” Frasier began, pausing as the phone rang. She strolled in to the lounge, turned down the volume on the tv and answered the call. “Hello? I see. Well, if you really…Sir could you hold on one second? I know there isn't much time sir…” She rested the phone on her shoulder for a minute, turning to Cassy. “Cass, honey, SG-1 ran in to some problems. I have to go Off World. Will you be okay here by yourself?”

Cassandra's face fell, but she was more concerned for her friends than she was angry that her mom had to cancel. “Yeah, of course. Go. I'll be…”

“I'll be right there sir. Get the team geared up. Yes sir,” Janet put the phone down and rushed up the stairs, dressing in two minutes flat. She grabbed her bag and keys and kissed her daughter's forehead. “If you need anything call Amanda, alright? I'll see you tonight. If I need to stay over I'll get a driver to pick you up. Keep your cell phone on.”

“Maybe I should come with, it's usually an all nighter,” she thought. Janet agreed, and preferred that thought. She wouldn't have time to worry about Cassandra while she was Off World.

“Sure, if you want. But we have to go now.”

“That's fine, I'm ready.” She nodded, turning off the tv. “I'll go in Jack's office and play on his XBOX or something. Besides if there's any news I'll hear faster.”

“Alright, let's go then.”

Within fifteen minutes of the phone call, Janet and Cassandra Frasier were in the elevator, heading down to the Gear Up Room. Hammond was waiting for them, by the door. “Doctor, your team is waiting in the Gate Room. Sam is down, bad condition. They cannot move her. I don't know much more but Jack is panicked. That says enough to me.”

“Yes sir. I'll be two minutes. Get Davis to start dialling,” Frasier called as she ran down the corridor.

“Simmons is already starting.” Hammond said. “Cassandra dear why don't you come with me?”

“Okay George,” she nodded, smiling. “But I can find my way to Jack's office. I can play XBOX or something.”

“Very well. I'll find you later.” Hammond returned the smile, before hurrying to the Gate Room.


“Doctor Frasier,” Captain Doctor Shelby Kyle greeted her commander. “Apparently they need two of us docs.”

“Yes, hi Shelby.” Janet smiled slightly, but she was worried about SG-1 and Sam. She took her pack off of an Airman who was stood near by, and looked at the rest of her team. As it was a Saturday, Becker was missing. She had a family and was off on holiday. So Daisy Wright was filling in. Daisy was the Head Nurse, more senior than Becker, so that was good. The forth member was a Field Medic - Lieutenant Waybourne.

“Chevron Seven Locked,” Graham Simmons announced from the Control Room. Hammond was stood beside him.

“Bring them home, Doctor,” He said over the speakers. Frasier turned to face him, smiled and saluted.


The medical team arrived on PL4 227 to find a very anxious Daniel Jackson waiting. He was pacing around. When he saw them, he sighed in relief. “Oh thank God…” He had obviously been very distracted, as he hadn't noticed the Gate dial up.

“Hey Daniel,” Janet smiled calmly, but with a huge sense of urgency at the same time. “Where are we going?” She asked, as she followed him, in a very fast run.

“We were ambushed by the Jaffa, and moved back. It was the edge of a cliff but we had no choice. We weren't very near to it though, so we didn't think there was any risk. Sam got hit, and the blast…it threw her back…she was lying there, injured while we tried to finish the Jaffa. We were winning. And we thought she'd be okay for a second, but she…one of the Jaffa saw how close to the edge she was. It took two blasts on the ground to make it unstable. It went, she fell. We finished the Jaffa moments later. She was awake when I left for the Gate, there's a very narrow…shelf, for lack of a better word, that she's stuck on. We can get down to her but we can't move her. We didn't dare go down yet, we thought it best to wait for you. We don't know how stable the 'shelf' is. Jack is trying to keep her awake, talking to her. And Teal'C.” He explained, very out of breath.

Mere minutes after he had finished, they were beside Jack and Teal'C. Jack was lay on the ground, supported by Teal'C, his head looking down over the edge. He was talking to Carter, trying to keep her awake. He was asking her about the Naquada Reactor, how it worked.

“Hey Carter! Carter! Sam, stay with us! Tell me more about the reactor, it's fascinating. Come on!” He yelled, as loudly as he could.

“Jack, we're back. I've got Janet and her team with me,” Daniel told him.

“See Carter, you've got a visitor. Several actually. They've come a long way to see you so damn it you're going to stay awake! Stay awake! It's an order…Now Teal'C wants to talk to you, don't you Teal'C?” Jack called. Daniel helped him up and Teal'C took his place.

“This is one unusual situation,” Janet commented. “I'm the lightest, I could go down on a rope. It needs to be one of us, so we can assess her. We don't want to move her in case it does more damage. She may need treatment down there first. I'm half the size of anyone else. It should be me.”

“Or we may need reinforcements to move her,” Shelby piped in.

“I can't imagine anything else doing any good. Get a helicopter it'll blow that ground away. It's not much more than rubble,” Janet shook her head and sighed. “Gear me up Colonel, I'll go down.”

“Okay,” He nodded. “Daniel.” He motioned for Daniel to get the equipment. “Alright, Janet, you go. But just you, we'll send your med kit down after you. Harness around your waist, nothing for her. You're going to have to hold on to her tight. Grab her, hold tight and we'll pull you back up. As soon as possible.”

“O'Neill, she is unconscious!” Teal'C reported.

“Shit!” He exclaimed.

Once Janet was geared up, she began her descent down the cliff. Rubble was sliding away as she went down, she was cringing, hoping that it would miss the shelf.

“Grounded!” Janet called, once she had her feet firmly on the ground. She unclipped herself. On another line, Daniel lowered her medical kit. She grabbed it and crouched down beside Sam, gasping as she saw how rough she looked.

She had blood dripping from a head wound, and a staff blast to her shoulder, plus injuries to her back and leg from the fall. She wasn't in good shape. “Daniel, radio back to the SGC have them call in Doctors Lewis and Barringer! They're surgeons, the best! Shelby, I have an idea. I can't go ahead with plan A.”


Cassandra Frasier sighed and took her shoes off, putting her feet up on to the coffee table. She grunted angrily as the alien blob shot at her again. “Die damn it die!” She yelled. There was a knock at the door, so she paused the game and said, “Come in!”

In walked George Hammond, commander of the SGC. He smiled and sat down beside her for a second, placing a plate of cookies and a drink down on the table. “I had the SFs find you a snack,” He told her. “But I brought it myself. Thought you could use some company.”

“A busy Air Force General is worried about a girl getting lonely when his team could die? I don't think so,” she sighed. “Thanks but I'm not hungry. I'm too worried about Sam.”

“These people face this every day Cassandra. But you're right, I'm not here because you need some company. Maybe the General needs company too.” Hammond replied honestly. “I need distraction, and paper work doesn't do that. We can wait together.”

“Okay. You can play the Blue thing. You're helping me try and kill the little red things. It can really help you take frustration out productively,” Cassy handed him the controller.


“Okay, maybe not. But it means you don't dent the wall.”


“Just tell me what to do,” Shelby called back.

“Get the board!” Janet began, as she tried to temporarily patch Sam's shoulder up. “Abseil down on the second line, don't touch the ground, simply get to this level. Colonel, tie the board, by the handles, to my line. I'll pull it on to the shelf and get Sam on board. Shelby will need to grab the other end and attatch it to her line. We'll hold the board steady with Sam on it, between us. We can attatch it to both our harnesses too, with the handles. It should give enough support. We'll strap her up tight. It will work. Then Teal'C and Colonel O'Neill can pull us up. Teal'C pull Shelby, O'Neill pull me.”

“Uh, uh…” Shelby began, not quite as sure of her plan. “I don't know about this! It's crazy!”

“Janet, will it work? Is there any other way?” Jack asked.

“No. I don't think so! Not except for using two more lines for the board but it's more dangerous for her.”

“Then do it damn it! I will not leave her to die down there, that is not how my team works!” O'Neill snapped. Shelby nodded, took a deep breath and then got to it. “We do crazy things every day here! This isn't so crazy.”


“Hold on Sam, hold on,” Janet told her friend, as she watched Shelby make her way down. The board was already on the shelf.

Janet gently shifted Sam on to the board and strapped her down tightly. She abandoned her medical kit.

Shelby grabbed the other end of the board, and clipped it on to her line and harness. They both held the board up, Janet on the one end, and Shelby on the other, Sam's body lying between them. Teal'C and Jack began to pull them up, as quickly and as safely as they could.

Everyone let out a breath they'd been holding for a long while, once the doctors touched the ground. Daisy and Waybourne unfastened the board and pulled it back to safer ground. Once she was free, Janet nodded to Jack and he and Teal'C immediately picked it up, Jack in front and Teal'C behind. The medical personnel ran behind them.

It was a long run to the Gate, but at their speed it took only minutes. Daniel was there to meet them, the Gate open and ready.


“General Hammond to the Gate Room! Barringer, Lewis and Med team to the Gate Room!” Simmons announced over the comms system.

“Stay here,” Hammond told the girl as he jogged out of the room, headed for the Gate.

“We've got to get her to theatre. I'll brief you all once she's stable!” Janet told the group as they placed Sam on to a gurney.

“What do we do now?” Daniel asked. No one said anything about his dumb question, as he was obviously upset.

“We wait.”


“Jack O'Neill you are going to wear a hole in this

floor!” Hammond told him, a gentle hand on his shoulder. Cassandra, the other three members of SG-1 and General Hammond were all sat in the corridor outside of the infirmary. Cassandra was crying, her face buried in T's chest. She could remember sitting here, like this, years ago. When Sam had been taken over by Jolinar. She had nearly died then.

Janet eventually, after what seemed like days, appeared from the Operating Theatre. She helped them wheel Sam in to the Infirmary Intensive Care Area, nearest to the Doctor's Office. She re-emerged moments later, and removed her mask. “She's stable.”

“Will she be okay?” Jack asked.

“I think so,” Janet replied, smiling. “She will be out of commission for a while, but she should make a full recovery. It was touch and go for a while though, she had lost a lot of blood and had several major injuries, which I will discuss fully in the briefing on Monday morning.”

“I think we'll make it tomorrow, if everyone is agreed?” Hammond decided. They all nodded. “I'll put SG-1 on leave for now, and we'll evaluate that next Monday, when we know how long Major Carter will be away.”

“Can we see her?”

“She isn't awake yet, but you can sit with her. The next few hours are the most important.” Janet replied. “If you will excuse me, I will get changed and be right back.”

“I'm going to sit with her. She isn't out of the woods yet,” Jack mumbled.

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz


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