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Doctor Frasier: Medicine Woman - Because It's There Part 2
Note: This is set before “Rite of Passage” or ignoring that it happened. No brat Cassy, just sweet Cassy. Up to you. And Cassy is played by Katie Stuart not Colleen Rennison.

Also, Janet isn't focused on as much in this story. But it still is Janet and Cassandra heavy and part of the DF series.

This is part 2 of probably 4 chapters of “Why Climb Mount Everest?” also known as “Because Its There.” I had planned for it to be 2 parts, but it's grown.

Why Climb Mount Everest?
- Because It's There.


Cassandra Frasier sat with Sam for several hours, reading to her, before Janet took her off to the commissary for some dinner. Daniel and Teal'C visited her next, but left at eight o'clock, when Jack showed up.

“Hey Jack,” Daniel yawned.

“Hey. Janet took Cassy home - they'll be back first thing tomorrow. Shelby Kyle is taking over her care for now. You guys have been here for a while. Go get some rest, it was a long mission. I'll stay with her.”

“Okay. Call us if anything happens,” Daniel requested.

“Sure thing,” Jack nodded. “Doc says she probably won't wake up for ages yet. But I kept telling her she doesn't know Sam. What is it with newbies? They always underestimate us.”

“They don't know. I'll see you later.”


Jack refused to leave Carter's bedside, and was still there when Monday morning came around. He had only left briefly for no more than half an hour during the course of the weekend.

He wanted to be there when she woke up. She was always there when he did.

The Nurses had been taking care of him as well as Carter, bringing him food, and coffee. Luckily, she was their only patient.

He was sat half reading his Unofficial Guide to The Simpsons when he heard a groan. He threw it down on to the table, and stood up, standing at Carter's side, looking down at her with his best smile. The smile he only gave to her.

She slowly opened her eyes, and looked up at him very weakly.

“Hey Sam,” He grinned. “Don't try to move. Just stay still.”

“Who are you?” She asked, her face serious. His eyes widened, in panic mode. “I'm just messing with you.” She croaked, smiling slightly.

Jack sighed with relief. He was doing that a lot this weekend. And then he laughed and shook his head. “Don't do that to an old Colonel. I've been worried enough. Do you want me to have a heart attack Sam? Because I swear you must, putting me through this!”

“You said you'd get me back. I don't…I don't remember,” She whispered. “I don't remember coming back.”

“Yeah you passed out just as I was beginning to enjoy your Naquada Reactor lecture. I was learning something!” He shook his head in mock anger. “Janet and her team came to your rescue. I'll let her tell you all about it.”

“Cool,” She said, closing her eyes again, for a few seconds. “Didn't think I was gonna make it, back there.” She opened them again, to find that the Colonel was now sat in the same spot, smiling at her. He took her hand and squeezed it for a moment.

“Ah we always get out. I said we would. Have I ever lied to you?”

“Once or twice…” she laughed, regretting it immediately. “Dan? Teal'C?”

“They're fine. Should be along in a minute, they were in an hour ago headed for breakfast.” Jack said looking at his watch.


“It's Monday morning. You didn't sleep for too long.”

She blinked. “I'm so tired.”

“You can go back to sleep, that's all right.” He assured her. “Go back to sleep. I'll be here.”

“Okay,” she yawned, closing her eyes. Jack smiled, 'she's so beautiful, even when she's battered and bruised.'

Once Jack had decided that Sam was fast asleep and wasn't going to wake up for a few hours, he strolled down to the commissary, where he found Daniel and Teal'C.

“Hey Jack,” Daniel called from their usual table, across the room. Jack nodded, and after he'd grabbed some breakfast, sat down with them.

“Hey guys,” He smiled. “Sam woke up. She was talking. She's asleep again now.”

“Why didn't you get us?” Daniel frowned.

“She was only awake for five minutes or so. She could hardly keep her eyes open,” He replied, taking a huge sip of his coffee. “Ah that's better.”

“Oh well, we'll catch her later,” Daniel nodded. He looked over at Teal'C, who was still finishing his pancakes. They'd been at breakfast for about an hour now, and Daniel had been through three cups of coffee waiting for the Jaffa.

“You guys think flowers are appropriate with things like this?” Jack wondered.

“Yes,” Dan nodded. “I think when someone gets seriously hurt, flowers are very nice. Well, for women more than men perhaps.”

“Good. I'll sort that when I go home in a minute. Just for an hour or two,” Jack nodded.

“We could call you when she wakes Jack. She must realise that you sat with her since she was brought in. She won't be upset if you've left for an hour, especially as the first face she saw,” Daniel reminded him.

“Yeah I'd rather be here anyway. I'd do the same for you Daniel,” Jack shrugged.

“Would you?” He smiled, knowing that he probably wouldn't stay with him every second of every day he was unconscious.

“I think so.”

“Go home for a while Jack,” Daniel told him again. “Go watch Homer. Relax. Sleep, even.”

“I guess it wouldn't hurt, but you have to call me. I can swing by Sam's and get some stuff for her. I know where she hides a spare key,” Jack thought. Quickly finishing his oatmeal and coffee, he nodded to his friends and left the cafeteria.

“Are you nearly finished?” Daniel moaned.


Jack O'Neill parked his jeep outside his second in command's house and strolled up the drive, discreetly picking up the key hidden in a box in the hanging flower basket. It was a great place to put it, because it was just in reach and totally out of sight. She had put it there in case anything like this ever did happen to her.

He unlocked the door and then closed it behind him when he was inside. He took his shoes off, as he always did when he visited, and headed for the living room to find a bag to put all of her stuff in to. He found a large gym bag and took it in to the lounge, wondering what to pack.

He found a few of her magazines, which were laid out on her coffee table. He frowned. 'I didn't know Sam read girlie magazines.' He shrugged and chucked them in to the bag, along with a few science ones.

He scanned the shelf, finding some very interesting CDs indeed. He stood for a moment, before picking a few out to take with him. He saw some that he had himself and grinned. He'd be able to find a Personal Stereo somewhere on the base.

His next stop was the bedroom. It felt strange being alone in her house, looking at all of her things. He shook his head and entered the room. It was painfully neat like the rest of her house.

In the wardrobe he found a bag with a tag attached. It read 'SGC.' Jack laughed. She had actually packed her own bag in case this happened. 'That's my Sam.' He took both bags and locked the door, taking her key with him to be safe.

Now, home. Rest.


“Morning honey,” Janet Frasier greeted her daughter, who collapsed sleepily on to the sofa.

“Morning mom,” She yawned.

Janet laughed and said “Breakfast is on the table.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Cass, I'm sorry we didn't get to go out. I'm sorry you and Sam didn't get to go out,” The doctor sighed.

“That's not your fault mom. I don't care about shopping, I'm not that selfish. We'll do it some other time,” Cassy replied. Janet smiled. “I'm so understanding.”

“Thanks. SG-1 won't be getting in to any more scrapes for a while, we could go next week perhaps,” she suggested.

“Maybe. It doesn't matter right now.”

Jack arrived on the base a couple of hours later, shaved and looking much more presentable. He was carrying two duffle bags and a bunch of flowers as he made his way down to the Infirmary.

He found Cassandra sitting with Sam, reading to her, even though she appeared to be asleep. He shook his head, laughing. 'Bless her. What a sweetheart.' When Cassy saw her 'uncle' enter her face lit up and she ran and gave him a huge hug.

“Jack!” She beamed. “Sit down, I was just reading Sam this book I like it's called A Little Princess.

“Wow you're reading that to her?” Jack raised his eyebrows in a very Teal'C like way. “Cool. That's very nice of you Cassy.”

“Mom says Sam will be fine and she already woke up?”

“Yes, yes she woke up this morning for a minute. She was

very poorly Cassandra. But she should be fine. She'll be in here a while though,” Jack explained.

“I think Mom said there was a briefing in about ten minutes Jack…” Cassy recalled.

“Oh god, yes there is. Thanks I forgot about that!” Jack looked at his watch and stood up, “Hey can you do me a favour?”

“Sure, what?”

“Can you unpack these bags for me please?” He asked, adding “It's just some of Sam's stuff.”

“Okay, I can do that,” She nodded merrily.

“Nurse Cassy. That's my girl,” He winked, before jogging off to the Briefing Room.

“Nurse Cassy. I like that.” She thought, as she unzipped the first bag.

“Sorry I'm late, sir,” Jack announced as he ran in to the Briefing Room, everyone sat waiting for him.

“It's all right son, we were all early,” Hammond replied quietly. Jack sat beside Janet, opposite Daniel and Teal'C. It was strange not having Sam here too.

“Ah. I had to go to Sam's house, fetch a few things,” Jack explained.

“Well done,” Hammond nodded. “So people, tell me what happened and why everyone who went off world that day think Doctor Frasier deserves a medal.”

“Well sir, it all started off well enough…” Jack began.

Samantha Carter opened her eyes to find not Jack, but Cassandra sitting beside her, reading something. “Cass?” She said, putting on her best smile. Anyone could see she was in a lot of pain however.

“Hey Sam!” Cassy grinned, hugging her friend. “Jack just went to the Briefing, he'll be back soon.”

“How come you're here on a Sunday?” Sam asked weakly.

“I want to be here,” Cass replied honestly.

“You've redecorated the infirmary,” she said, noticing some of her stuff was piled neatly on the surrounding furniture.

“Jack brought you some stuff in from home. A bag he packed and a bag he found by the look of it,” Cassandra explained.

“That's nice.”

“Yeah. Hang on one second, I need to go and tell Shelby and Daisy you're awake,” She said before wandering off. She returned momentarily with a tall blonde lady in tow.

“Major Carter, nice to see you awake. I'm Doctor Kyle - Shelby,” Shelby smiled as she walked over, and picked up her chart. “Do you need any painkillers?”

Sam shook her head, and then changed her mind. “Yeah, I think I probably do.”

“Okay,” Shelby nodded, “We were very worried about you. So worried that we abseiled down a cliff to rescue you.”

“You did?”

“Yes, me and Janet. As we were the smallest,” She nodded. “You've suffered some very severe injuries and you lost a lot of blood. I'll let Janet sit down with you later and explain them fully.”

Daisy walked in and stood behind Shelby. “Major, this is Daisy, she's been looking after you and the Colonel.”

“The Colonel?”

“Oh he's been here the whole time. Had a job to get him to sleep at all,” Daisy told her. “He's been watching over you.”

“Speak of the devil,” Shelby laughed, as he walked in.

“Huh? Sokar isn't back is he because if he is, I am not going to kick his ass right now. Let the marines do it,” He sighed.

“No Colonel, we were just talking about you when you walked in. Right, well Janet will be along in a moment, and I have to see to Sergeant Siler, so…I'll leave you.” Shelby said, turning away. “Daisy can you give her some pain killers please?” She called over her shoulder as she left.

Daisy left with her but returned shortly after with some tablets in a small cup. She handed it to Sam and poured her a glass of water. “There you go,” She said brightly. She made a note on the chart and then left to help Shelby fix Siler up.

“He's always in here, Siler,” Cassandra noted. “Did you see the flowers Jack bought you, they're beautiful!” She moved to the side and Sam saw the huge vase full of orange roses, her favourite.

“Oh wow, thank you Colonel,” She smiled, her hand motioning for him to come over and join them. “They are lovely.”

“Cassandra here has been doing more than the nurses,” Jack said as he brought a chair over and sat down at the end of the bed. “She's been unpacking your stuff, reading to you…”

“Thank you.”

“You're welcome,” Cassy nodded. “I should go and find Teal'C, and Mom and Daniel.”

“Yeah, go tell them all,” Jack agreed.

Cassandra left in search of her friends and Sam's face dropped. She knew she didn't have to act in front of the Colonel.

“Hey the drugs will kick in soon,” Jack told her, moving to Cassandra's chair and squeezing her hand as he had done earlier.

“I hope so,” She sighed. “What's the damage?”

“I'm not sure about the medical details, I kind of zone out there. But you had a nasty bash to the head, the staff blast to your shoulder of course, severe blood loss, and some injuries to your back and left leg from the fall. I think that's about all. I'm not sure what's wrong with your back but it looked rather nasty. Maybe you landed on something,” he recited.

“Right. So not much.”

“Not much at all. You should be giving me sit ups right now Missy,” He laughed. “No, you have to take it easy.”

“Hey guys,” Daniel Jackson smiled, as he and Teal'C entered the infirmary. “Janet is just getting Cassandra a cookie and a drink. They'll be along in a minute.”

“It is good to see you awake Samantha-Carter.” Teal'C stated, standing at the end of her bed. Daniel sat down beside him.

“I think he's smiling!” Jack exclaimed, seeing T's slight smile. “Way to go Carter.”

“Yes I'm glad you're awake,” Daniel nodded. “It's lunch time. I'm not sure if you're allowed anything to eat but I can ask if you're hungry?”

“No, I don't think so, not yet. Maybe later,” Sam replied.

“Okay, sure,” Daniel smiled.

“Did you see what's up with Siler this time?” Jack asked him.

“Oh yeah, he just fell off of a ladder again.”

“He'll have brain damage at this rate. It must be twice a week he does something like that! Accident waiting to happen that guy.” Jack laughed, shaking his head.

“Just has a dangerous job,” Dan shrugged.

“More dangerous than ours?”

“One of us is in here once or twice a week.”

“Oh yeah, good point.”

“I believe Major-Carter is now sleeping. She must have found your conversation regarding Sergeant-Siler uninteresting,” Teal'C observed.

Jack frowned and gently moved Sam, noticing there was a small red patch on the sheet. The patch expanded to a pool stretching from her head to back as he revealed more of the sheet. “OH CRAP!” He yelled. “DANIEL GET A DOCTOR! NOW!”

Daniel ran out in search of Shelby or Janet, but could not find either.

“CARTER, CARTER, CARTER, CARTER!” Jack shouted repeatedly as he slapped her face, trying to wake her up. “SAM! SAM! SAM! SAMANTHA CARTER! WAKE UP DAMN IT!”

After what seemed like hours, Teal'C returned with Shelby, who had been in the supply room. He had ran out after Daniel had left the level, looking for Janet.

“She's bleeding again, a lot. She was fine one minute, talking, the next she was out!”

“This is so not good!” Shelby shouted as she slammed the alarm on the wall. “She's going back to theatre now!”

To Be Continued………………………………………………

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz


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