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After The Entity

An alien Ďentityí invaded Samís body. It was awful. I couldnít help her. I shot her twice with a zat gun. They kept her on life support. She was dying. The Ďentityí downloaded Samís consciousness in to the computer system. We got her back again. They entity died. We moved on straight away. Or did we? Sometimes the one that is injured or hurt (physically or emotionally) is not the one feeling the pain and betrayal. Sam is hurt. I feel the pain.

I will never forgive myself for shooting her, she was and is the one I love, my Major. She says sheís forgiven me, but I donít believe her. Iím sitting here now, by her infirmary bedside. It all happened yesterday. I want to help her.

"Sam, I really am sorry."

"Sir, we take risks in our job, and it was me who tried to communicate. It was my fault. Not yours. Itís gone now. Itís dead."

"I shot you twice Carter, and I still feel awful about that."

"If you hadnít have, Iíd probably either be dead, or brain dead, and the only thing inside my head, would be the entity. You made the right call."

"Thanks. I just donít think I can forgive myself. I love you, and yet I could shot you."

"I know, but I forgive you. If I do, then so should you Colonel."

"How long until you get out of here?"

"Janet wants me to be kept under observation for a couple of days, you did nearly kill me, and my brain is still getting back to normal apparently, so a few days sir." She amazes me. Sheís smiling. How can she smile when her CO and friend, and lover (you could say) betrayed her like that?

"Wanna go to OíMalleyís when you get out?" I ask, hoping sheíll say yes, so I can make it up to her. Itís going to take me years to get over this I think.

"No, I have a feeling weíre banned for the next hundred years at least." She jokes. Sheís joking, after all thatís happened to her, sheís joking! She is an amazing person. Thatís for sure. We should call her ĎThe Super Space Babe,í like a comic book hero.

Daniel and TealíC enter, with Janet and Cassy. Danny has a vase of flowers, which he puts next to mine. Cassyís painted Sam a picture, and Janet sticks it up on the wall with some cellotape. Iím not sure if thatís allowed, but if Hammond says anything, sheíll probably threaten him with a full physical.

"Hey, how you feeling Sam?"

"Okay, I guess. Iím hungry though."

"I have purchased some chocolate for you Major." TealíC hands her the chocolate, and she thanks him, with a warm smile. I love that smile, but then she smiles at me, and it was the smile she only gives me. Itís a warm loving smile, and it makes me go all tingly inside. I am a soppy old man arenít I?

Iíll make it up to her. She insists again that sheís fine, and weíre okay. But Iím not. I owe her.

I still canít believe that sheís alive and sitting here right now. Iím gonna hug her. Why not? Iím feeling bad, and so is she, so we can hug. Itís not like Iím kissing her is it?

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz

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