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The Powers That Be Part 2

"Welcome to Wolfram and Hart, Colorado Branch, girls." Darla said, as men carried Sam inside, and another pushed Cordy. Inside, they put Sam down on a sofa. Cordelia was made to sit down, across the other side of the room.

"Idiots! You weren't meant to hurt her!" A woman sitting in a chair staring out of the window said. She swiveled round. It was Lila, and she gasped as she looked at Sam again.

"But she was only just let out of the infirmary, she was already ill." Darla said to the woman.

"I don't care! I'm sorry Miss Carter, they were not ordered to hurt you. Gentlemen, untie her, and get her a drink and something to eat. She's wwaay to thin. Get some bandages. She's bleeding. I apologise again. Darla! Leave us now!" Darla left, with some of the men. Lila walked over to Sam's side, untied her, and helped her sit up.

"Vampires! I am so sorry. It's not Wolfram and Hart's way. We simply requested that you were summoned. We have an offer for you." Lila apologised.

"Lila! You are a bitch! Sam, you don't want to mess with these people." Cordy warned.

"I have no concern with you, Miss Chase. Not just yet. Sit there and look pretty eh?" Two large men surrounded Cordy. She shut up. Lila turned back to Sam. "We want to hire you out for a while. We need some business taking care of, and you are the best person to do it."

"Do what?" Sam asked, in a whisper.

"We want you to send this man to Sokar for us." Lila used that term again. Lately, it seemed like the Stargate was public knowledge.

"How does everyone know about him?" She whispered.

"Honey, the Stargate isn't that classified. Wolfram and Hart were there when it was in use in the Antarctic. Please, Sokar is an old client! You may have met Apophis. That's who we want dead. And a man named Iain Brown. He's twenty five years old. He knows too much. He'll let everyone know about something highly classified if he isn't stopped. You know how it is. You're not fit to do it now, but we can heal you. Do you agree?" Lila asked.

"I'll kick some Apophis butt, but the kid, I doubt it, but tell me what he's being hunted for." Carter was a damn good soldier, but she wouldn't fight a war that could result in an innocent man getting killed, especially if it was a hit job.

"He knows too much about our hosting project. It's where we take homeless people off the street, and give them shelter, food and clothes and they give us what we want." Lila explained.

"Which is what?" Carter asked, waiting.

"Their bodies as hosts. The demons plant their eggs in their heads, and they develop a third eye. We are trying to help this species live." Lila said, her statement not changing.

"I won't help you." Sam shook her head.

"Then you will become a host in three days. As will be your friends." Lila smiled evilly.


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