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The Powers That Be Part 3

"Lovin you is not just luck or illusion..." Cassie sang, clearly annoying Mrs. Gardner, her baby sitter.

"Cassandra dear, would you mind not singing so loud?" The old woman asked.

"Sorry. When did mom say she'd be back?" Cassie asked.

"She doesn't know. She's on a top secret mission again. With the main team. One of them is ill or something...It's all classified but you know that." Gardener explained.

"Yeah. Did she say who?" Cassie inquired, her stomach doing somersaults.

"A major I think." Elizabeth told her. Cassie started crying.

"NO! Not Sam! NO!"

"You have a crush on this Sam then do you?" Liz asked.

"Samantha, and no." Cassie sniffed.

"Your mom told me to tell you that she thinks they'll all be fine, and should be back soon."

"I hope Cassie's all right with Elizabeth." Janet was worried.

"She'll be fine Jan." Dan assured her.

"I think you're right." Jan agreed. "Any clues?"

"I don't know what to do. Something tells me they'll be back in L.A. I could be wrong, but maybe we can find something out there!" Angel told them.

"L.A. It is. But it'll take a while." Gunn reminded him.

"Not if we go back to Cheyenne Mountain. I can get us to L.A. in minutes from there!" Jack informed them. Gunn headed back for the mountain.

"We're here!" Jack announced as they landed on the landing strip at the L.A. Air Force Base. Hammond, SG-1's boss had arranged transport for them, so they'd get there speedily.

Fifteen minutes later, their lift dropped them off at Angel Investigations H.Q. They hurried in. Angel stopped, suddenly. "Stay back everyone! Someone's in here! A vampire!"

Angel drew a stake from his pocket, and stepped cautiously to his desk. Angel turned around to face the others. He continued moving, until he felt the person, or, thing right behind him. He turned around to find himself pointing the stake at Spike, aka William The Bloody.

"SPIKE!" Angel yelled.

"Angel! So nice to see you too! Could you err, please move that stake? I'm not bad anymore! See the chip! I'm sure Buffy told you last time she saw you. Oh yeah, that was ages ago. Maybe she didn't. She sends her love. Will too. Everyone. Especially Giles." Spike greeted him with a dark smile.

"What are you doing here?" Angel asked.

"I've come, my blood-sucking friend, to join your team. Help out. Save the innocent blah blah blah. I've come to kick some butt!" Spike replied. "Ooh! Who's this pretty doll?" He asked, noticing Janet.

"Spike, this is Doctor Janet Fraiser, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'C, he's an alien, and Daniel Jackson. Oh, and you remember Wesley don't you? He's the boss. Gunn's our newest member though. We're helping these guys." Angel explained.

"Situation?" Spike asked, sitting down and putting his feet up on the table. Gunn chucked Sam's file over to him.

"Major Doctor Samantha Faye Carter. Age thirty one. Cordy had a vision of her being attacked by Darla and Dru." Wes explained.

"Oh bloody Natoo!" Spike exclaimed. "Not them again!"

"Does everyone know about that stuff for crying out loud??????" Jack exclaimed.

"Stargate is common knowledge in the dark demon world. Anyway, go on." Spike said.

"We went to Colorado. D and D had already taken her. Cordie led us to O'Neill, who got these guys involved. Cordie was captured by Wolfram and Hart. That's who D and D are working for." Wes carried on. "They have Samantha and Cordelia so we have to get them out." Spike was staring at the file and licking his lips. He then looked up at Janet and did the same.

"Spike, are you in or out? I know I can trust you now. I know about the chip because Willow told Cordie." Angel asked.

"I'm in. This woman's too pretty to die. And it would be a shame if this Doctor died too!" Spike agreed to it.

"Then let's go." Angel said, picking up his keys.

"Go where? We don't have any clues where they are, and if you're thinking about bursting in to W and H, then you should re-think your plan!" Wesley reminded Angel.

"We go, to Lawn's club!" Angel finished his sentence.

"Oh." Wesley said, simply.

"Let's roll!"

"Hi Angel. Who are these people? I don't think they're demons. Except this big guy. He's a Jaffa. Where's Cordy?" Lawn was full of questions.

"This is Spike, Colonel O'Neill, Doctor Fraiser, Doctor Jackson and Teal'C. We need your help. Cordie and their friend have been captured by Darla, and Wolfram and Hart have them." Angel told his green friend.

"I can only read the minds. I can't help you any other way really." Lawn changed his town when he said 'really.'

"What to do you know Lawn? Cordie and another young woman are in trouble from Darla and Dru and we want to find them. It has something to do with Wolfram and Hart. What do you know?" Angel said, getting angry.

"Fine." Lawn whispered, taking them in to a back room. "Listen, I overheard Thena, Brooke and the guys talking about a new project. Making humans, off the streets hosts to demons. They pretend to just help them. The people don't know what's going on. No one will miss them because they have no family or are runaways. I heard that Darla and Dru were recruited to get an Ash'rak, but not your normal Goa'uld in the head one."


"So anyways," Lawn continued, glaring at O'Neill "This Ash'rak. She has special powers. The ability to use Goa'uld technology but with no Goa'uld inside her. They want that Ash'rak to kill for them. If she doesn't they'll make her a host. That's what I heard. And then they've got a direct link to victims with Cordie."

"Oh my god!" Wesley and Janet both said at the same time.

"We are going to get them back. Lawn, thanks for your help."

"Look, I like Cordelia too. I'll help too. They don't know me too well, old Ram and Hart. I'll say I want to join. Spike here too. We can distract them and let you in the back door." Lawn stood up.

"Okay. That's the plan. The rest of us will go in. Gunn, O'Neill, Teal'C and I will watch Wesley, Frasier and Jackson's backs while they get the girls. Any questions?" Angel asked. No one said anything. "Then lets go."


(Those 3 dreaded words:) To be continued.........

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz



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