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The Inner Evil
Samantha Carter aimed her hand device at the Jaffa surrounding her team and fired it at them. A beam of orange light shot out and knocked them down. "Duck!" She warned her team mates, before turning all the way around, firing her hand device at all of the Jaffa.

"Good job Carter," OíNeill smiled, patting her on the shoulder. He moved his hand and removed all the dust from his clothes.

"Nothing sir," She sighed.

"Hardly nothing Carter. You saved us from over fifteen snakes," He grinned. "Bar, tonight, Earth. Iím buying."

"Itís okay sir. Really. Thanks," Sam said, quickly pulling the device from her hand and carelessly throwing it in to her pack. She went in to her tent and before zipping the door, mumbled a "good night."


Jonas sipped his coffee slowly, staring at the flickering amber flames, fighting back the dark. He and TealíC stopped and directed their attention to Samís tent.

"TealíC?" OíNeill frowned.

"I heardÖcrying," Jonas replied with a deep look of concern.

"I wonder whatís wrong with her," OíNeill thought.

"Perhaps someone should determine if she is alright." TealíC stated, looking at Jack.

"I donít do the touchy feely stuff well," Jack replied, hoping Jonas would go. He was more in touch with the feminine population than Jack.

"I find that hard to believe Colonel, especially when itís Sam." Jonas grinned.

"Watch it, Quinn. Okay. But if itís that time again already, you guys are on your own. I plan to be very far away." He warned, heading towards her tent. He knocked on the top but there was no reply, so he unzipped it and went in. He sat down beside her and her blonde head popped up from under the quilt. She wiped her eyes.

"Hi," OíNeill said simply.

"Hi," She sniffed.

"Whatís wrong?" OíNeill asked, offering a piece of kitchen roll.

She took it and wiped her face. There was a silent pause and then she answered. "I just hate it."

"Hate what?" OíNeill wondered, sitting back a bit.

"I hate that," She said, staring at the hand device laid out in front of her.


"Did you see how hard and fast I hit those Jaffa with it? Itís controlled by emotion and thought, and want. I had the want, and that terrifies me. Iím evil, just like them. I had the want to end not just one life but fifteen. And I didnít hesitate." She cried. Jack finally understood and put an arm around her.

"Sam, you are not evil. You killed the bad guys. You think theyíd have hesitated to kill you? They wouldnít. You did it to save the good guys. To save yourself and your team. That doesnít make you evil, it makes you a hero. It makes youÖyou. You are the kindest most caring person I know. Evil? Thatís not you."

Thanks to Sarah aka Jolinar@Carter for this fan fic. E Rosen Online | Carter Fic | Stargate Starz

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