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SG-1 discover a planet where the inhabitants lives are considerably shortened by a Goa’uld. When they arrive, Daniel delivers a baby. O’Neill eats a cake known as a ‘marriage cake’ and sleeps with a woman named Kynthia. SG-1 investigate when everyone falls asleep at the same time, including O’Neill. He ages very quickly, becoming one hundred years old in a matter of weeks. The baby Daniel delivered appears to be a twelve year old, not a twelve day old, and Kynthia reveals she is only twenty eight days old. Carter finds that nanosites are aging them more quickly than usual and a device in the town hall keeps them from exploring the planet, and knocks them out at night, and wakes them up in the morning. They damage the device and do not wake up. Carter fixes it and changes the frequency, giving them longer lives.
Guest Cast: Bobbie Phillips, Harrison Coe, Gabrielle Miller

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