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In this two hour pilot, the Stargate Project is reactivated when a group of Jaffa and their leader come through the Stargate and kidnap a young lieutenant. Colonel Jack O’Neill is recalled to duty and goes through to Abydos, to find Daniel Jackson and some answers. While his team are there, Skaara, Jackson’s brother-in-law and his wife Sha’re are kidnapped. Jackson returns to the SGC and they mount a rescue mission. Skaara and Sha’re get taken as hosts to the Goa’uld. SG-1 are stuck and will be locked out from the SGC Stargate in a matter of hours. With the help of a Jaffa called Teal’C, who does not agree with the Goa’uld’s ways, SG-1 escape and free the other prisoners. Kawalsky is infested by a Goa’uld on the way and they return home. 10 SG teams are set up.
Guest Cast: Jay Acovone, Vaitiare Bandera, Alexis Cruz, Peter Williams, Brent Stait, Robert Wisden, John Tierney, Sean Amsing, JB Bivens, Garvin Cross, John Bear Curtis, Rachel Hayward, Rick Ravanello, Monique Rusu

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