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This episode starts with a little reminder of what happened in season 5's revelations:
Thor's held prisoner by Anubis, who is trying to download his mind into the ships computer, in order to get Asgard information. Thor speaks to Teal'c and Jack through the ship's comm.'s, 'I am using the ship's internal communications system to synthesise my voice'. Thor overrides the door keeping Jack and Teal'c in there cell. Thor and the two SG1 members are beamed aboard a cargo ship by Heimdall, the Asgard scientist dude. Later at the SGC, Sam announces that Thor is in a comma.

SG1 and Selmak/Jacob are aboard a cargo ship. They discuss Anubis's attack on the SGC, and Jonas first time in space. Major Davis (in combats) and Freesan, a scientist that's tagging along, enter. The ship that the team are looking for in earths orbit is spotted. Sam thinks its the same ship that Anubis kidnapped Thor in, there are no life signs. *roll intro*

Jacob recommends its best to ring aboard. O'Neill orders Teal'c to radio Hammond and Jonas to stay with him. Jonas wants to go with Jack and the others, but is informed that it was an order.
Jack: Because i gave you an order Jonas, i always have a reason I'm not required to explain. Its a military thing *slaps Jonas on the shoulder*
They ring aboard the ship and notice an odd noise.

Teal'c contacts General Hammond.
Teal'c: The crew appears to have abandoned ship General Hammond.
Hammond: That's good news. I don't mind telling you, we've all been holding our breath down here.
Teal'c: That is most unwise.
Teal'c informs hammond that O'Neill has lead a team aboard.
Jonas smiles at Teal'c, who just glares around with a 'Teal'c face'

The team have reached the control room of the ship. They have found a suspended self destruct countdown. Sam and Davies are sent down to the computer core. Jack lords it up on the Goa'uld throne, he has ideas of keeping the ship.
Jacob suspects that the hyper drive may have been sabotaged, O'Neill and Freesan go to check it out. They hear the weird sound again.

The door leading to the computer core is sealed off. The hyper drive checked out ok, but Freesan wants to look at the shield generators. He only wants to see them out of interest, so O'Neill doesn't let him. Carter and Davies get through the door.
The door accessing the computer core appears to have been damaged by staff blasts. The door seems to have been sabotaged and cannot be opened.
Jack: I have to go blow something up.
O'Neill leaves Freesan, and orders him to join Jacob. Freesan's heads off in a different direction, as soon as Jack's back is turned.
Colonel O'Neill blows up the door, and they enter the computer room.
Freesan gets stopped by some ninja jaffa on his way to the shield generators.

Jonas is restless on the cargo ship, he goes to eat a banana. He chats to Teal'c about his place in SG1. Jonas suggests that the two of them should stick together.
Teal'c: Are you suggesting alien conspiracy? *stares at Jonas*
Jonas thinks its a joke... Teal'c still keeps staring at him, and is not impressed (he has that Teal'c face on again).
Sam confirms, from the ships log, that it was the same one that Thor was aboard. She comes up with the idea that Thor left a virus in the ships computer, and sent it to earth after Anubis had abandoned it. Carter and O'Neill radio Freesan for assistance... No answer, Jack goes off to find him. The noise appears again. Major Davies notices that there is a pattern, and its originating from the ship's intercom.

Jack finds Freesan dead, and radios Carter and Davies to get back to Jacob in the control room.
As O'Neill radios Jacob, the Tok'ra is hit in the shoulder by a staff blast. Its the ninja jaffa. One of them plays with the ship's controls and they leave.

Jack, Carter and Davies meet up and head to the control room. Sam rushes over to her father and helps him to his feet.
Davies and Sam discover that the ships on a crash course. Jack radios Teal'c to prepare to ring them aboard. Jonas heads towards the rings, which start to activate. Its the 3 ninja's and Jonas hides while Teal'c kicks butt. When its over, Jonas decides to activate hi Zat (makes it popup).
Teal'c gathers the ninjas weapons.
O'Neill and the team are ready to ring up. Teal'c discovers that the cargo ships, ring crystals have been destroyed. The team prepare for impact.

Hammond is on the phone about the crash landing in the ocean, Jonas and Teal'c are present. Jonas's request for him and Teal'c to be on the rescue mission is granted. On the way to the plane, Jonas is feeling down. Teal'c consoles Jonas about his wimpyness in dangerous situations.

Jacob has a broken collar bone. Him and jack discuss the ninja's. Sam reports on the state of the ship, the lower levels have been badly damaged. The engines can't be fixed, and the self destruct is still frozen. She thinks it would be bad idea to shut it off.

The rescue team are on there way.

Sam and Jack hear the noise again as they head back to the computer room. They discover a flood. A security door shuts and they are trapped with the water rising. Jacob ties to get the door open. The rescue team are nearly there. Jacob is having trouble getting the door open, and Jack and Sam are waist deep in water.
Jack: How longs it gonna take? I'm looking at some major shrinkage here.
The rescue sub docks with the ship. Jack discuss the crash landing of his nice new mother ship with Sam. They are now totally submersed, and Jacob can't open the door. Almost in tears, he say's sorry to Sam on the radio.
There is a beep in the control room, the security protocol has been erased (buy the 'virus') and the door opens slightly. Water rushes out, Carter and O'Neill are saved from imminent death. Teal'c and Jonas are aboard, they head to Sam and Jacks assistance. Sam radios in.

SG1 meet up. Sam say's they cannot leave, she's wants to discover what's going on.

The team clean up the sound that they have been hearing. Its the message Jack and Teal'c heard, when they were imprisoned in Revelations.
Thor's voice: 'I am using the ship's internal communications system to synthesise my voice
Sam works out it is Thor's mind that's inside the ship's computer. They decide to rescue him so he can be transferred into a new clone body.
Davies points out if they remove Thor, the self destruct will resume.
Jack: Alright. Next Mother ship, we keep... ok.
Jack orders Jonas to take Jacob and Davies back to the sub, he happily agrees after trying to argue about it.

Sam extracts a huge crystal arrangement from the computer.
Jack: (looks inside the computer) Sure you got all of him in there? He's a smart guy you know.
*Anubis's voice announces over the intercom*
Teal'c: The self destruct has been re-activated.

A security door is closed and they cannot leave. Another corridor is flooded.
Jack tells Jacob to get to a safe distance in the sub (Jonas, Jacob and Davies run for it). Teal'c suggests the only way out is through the glider bay. Jack: We can do that?
Teal'c is silent, Sam has no idea.
Jack: OK
Jacob radios O'Neill. He informs them that they must re-activate the compartments force field. Sam starts working on it. Jack tells Jacob to escape in the sub.
Jonas thinks he could re-route the power on an auxiliary control panel.
Jacob: How do you know?
Jonas says that he has studied the plans.
Jacob: Where is it?
Jonas: Don't wait for me (runs off).

Jack: (puts hand on Sam's shoulder) No pressure Carter, plenty of time.
Teal'c: On the contrary O'Neill
Jack: Lots, (signals for Teal'c to shut up) lots, of time.#

Jacob radios O'Neill to inform him of Jonas's plans. Jonas takes of his gear, jacket and shoes, and opens a door. The sub leaves with Jacob and Davies.
Anubis announces that there are 7 minutes left. Jack taps Sam on the shoulder ,and assures her that there is plenty of time. She cant re-route the power so its up to Jonas.

Jonas Takes a deep breath and dives underwater. The control panel is underwater, and he rearranges the crystals and activates them.

Sam's control panel lights up, the force field is online. Jonas activates some rings underwater, and crashes onto another level. Along with a column of water.
As Carter, Teal'c and Jack head off into the Glider bay, Jonas runs around the corner to join them. SG1 are re-united . Teal'c pilots one glider with Sam, Jack the other with Jonas. The glider effects seem to have been improved. Instead of the seats lifting up into it, each pain glass now slides up and into place. It looks great.
SG1 head through the force field, and into the water (another cool effect). The gliders take a shaky ride through the water and up into the sky (more cool glider effects).

Carter and Jacob check in ok.
Jacob: What about Jonas?
Jack: All members of SG1, present and accounted for (Jonas grins). Teal'c take lead (Teal'c salutes).
Jack: (to Jonas) You smiling?
Jonas: First time in a death glider.
Jack: Oh, well (rolls the glider)
The episode ends with a happy and satisfied grin from Colonel O'Neill.

The End

Author: Vern

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