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SG-1 return from a mission in shock, missing one member – Daniel. They report that he is dead, but soon start to have doubts that he is. Carter undergoes hypnosis to try and discover what is the truth, and what has been planted in their brains, and why.   She realises that Daniel is in fact alive, and they left him behind. Horrified, SG-1 return to the planet to retrieve him. He is imprisoned by an Oanne, who is trying to find out what happened to his mate Omaracca, after she planted the seed of rebellion in Ancient Egypt. Once he helps Daniel remember, the same way he planted the memories of Jackson’s death in SG-1’s minds, Daniel reveals that she was killed by a Goa’uld. He lets Daniel go and they return to Earth.
Guest Cast: Gerard Plunkett, Eric Schneider

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