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The team travel through the stargate to a planet named P7G-989.

There, they encounter a beautiful landscape of neatly trimmed grass, hedges and flowers, the team look around to see a large dome structure.

When the team enter the structure, they encounter several large machines that are holding humanlike inhabitants of the planet, they are connected via a series of tendril-like pipes.

O neill goes to examine the machine, but gets pulled into it and connected to a virtual reality prison.

O neill and tealc wake up, slumped behind a small wall, where a vehicle drives up, out of the vehicle step two men, and a group of soldiers from the back, one of the men is kawalski.

we then see why kawalski had such a good relationship with jack in Children Of The God's, they had served together in many missions.

The area they were in, as jack soon realises, it is East Germany, In the 1980's.

The Virtual reality accounts for tealcs presence, and the team call him 'Thomas'.

Jack is reliving this experience, because the mission was a failure, the team had to grab a Russian agent inside the compound, but the mission resulted in the team leader being killed by a Sniper, the Gamekeeper obviously gave jack this situation so he could try and change what had happened, all the attempts that Jack and Tealc made at the operation failed, the situation started all over again when the mission failed, it came to a point where neither of them would attempt the mission, whereupon they met the gamekeeper.

During jack's past experience being acted out, we see Daniel and Sam in the New Yok museum of art, whereupon both witness Daniels parents being crushed by a giant stone slab, surprising Daniel was not put off by ancient history!

Daniel attempts to change what happened by coaxing his parents out of the area where they will be crushed, but to no avail (they see Daniel as a young boy)

everytime his parents are crushed, the scene resets to show the event happening all over again, just like Jack and Tealc's memory, SG-1 stop co-operating with the virtual reality.

The gamekeeper show's himself, and explains what is happening, he say's that they are being presented with a great gift, they have the ability to change what would have happened, the question "would i have been able to do anything differently" would be answered, but both Jack and Daniel know it is not real.

They both will not co-operate.

The gamekeepr finally brings them together, and explains top them that over 1000 years ago, the planet was polluted, due to a chemical disaster, the machines that they were connected to, sustained them.

But all they had to do to occupy themselves was to look into their memories, to go back and relive expereinces, but after 1000 years he explains, everything was relived, over and over again, there was nothing to do, to occupy themselves with, because they were so bored with the same expereinces.

The team explain to the Gamekeeper that the planet is perfect now, it is a plush area of forest and flowers, but the gamekeepr denies it, the team become very suspicious.

He says that the arrival of SG-1 meant that they had new minds to explore, and new expereinces to relive, but how could SG-1 eneter the structure if the planet was still polluted?

SG-1 say that they will not co-operate, and they are released from the machines, wherupon they travel back through the stargate to the SGC, but when they arrive, they see a very strange General Hammond, he attempts to make SG-1 go back through the gate and re-enter the machines, the team are horrified, but soon realise what is happening, they are still traped inside the Gamekeepers machines.

The team are sent to confinement cells fro their behaviour, but escape, wherupon they meet several hooded figures, they are the people connected to the machines.

SG-1 tell them that the Gamekeeper is decieving them, and the planet is perfectly fine, and is now a beautifull garden area.

SG-1 find a strange doorway in the SGC which leads back to the planet, SG-1 releases all the 'prisoners' and the Gamekeeper say's that they will only bring destruction to the planet again.

The Gamekeeper is almost in tears, and the scene pans to the inhabitants picking flowers and walking on the grass.


Thanks to Dave Pike for this review.

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