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Notes: The real life Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Ryan, guest starred as himself in this episode.
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While giving a lecture in Theoretical Astrophysics to a group of cadets at the Air Force Academy, Carter (Amanda Tapping) discovers a brilliant young woman named Jennifer Hailey (Elisabeth Rosen) when she spots an error in a calculation Carter made.

Meanwhile, Colonel O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and General Hammond (Don S Davis) meet the real life Air Force General Ryan, and discuss whether or not the off world research colony should be permanent or not. O'Neill is sent there to relieve Major Griff's command, and he and the head scientist (Hrothgar Matthews) immediately disagree, when O'Neill does not allow the scientists to explore the near by caves until O'Neill and Teal'C (Christopher Judge) have done so themselves.

Back at the Air Force Academy, Carter's interest in Hailey is growing. She soon finds that Jennifer is facing the possibility of dismissal for breaking the nose of an upper class man. Carter requests that Hailey is not dismissed, and General Kerrigan (Michael Kopsa) agrees.

To show Hailey what she would be missing if she left the Air Force, Carter takes her through the Stargate to the moon that O'Neill is currently on. He meets them at the Gate and takes them back to the outpost, where they encounter a seemingly harmless species of alien. After keeping one captive, Carter and Hailey ask that it is released, and O'Neill agrees. They release it and soon after, they attack and kill one of the scientists.

Everyone hurries inside and Carter, O'Neill and Teal'C hold them off with zat guns, as electrical currents seem to affect them.

Carter and Hailey both have their own theories about what is going on and why the aliens are attacking, but neither one can be proved right. O'Neill makes a run for the Gate after being shot with a zat for protection. He dials up the Stargate and the personnel rush through it. The head scientist apologises and they leave only Carter and Hailey standing in front of the event horizon.

"Is it always this exciting?" Hailey asks.

"No, sometimes it gets really exciting." Carter smiles. The cadet then asks if they will ever find out who is right and Carter grins and replies "if you stick around long enough, maybe."

Guest Cast: Elisabeth Rosen, Michael Kopsa, Russell Ferrier, Hrothgar Matthews, Rodger Haskett, Bill Dow, Ivon R Bartok, Keith M Gordey, General Ryan

Thanks to Sarah Eyton, Elisabeth Rosen Online, for this review.

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