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This episode starts with SG1 escaping an attack on P2X - 3074, with Jack ordering the gate to be dialed. Jack is limping and being helped along by a Captain Tagmen. Sam dials Earth and Teal'c helps Jack. An army of hostiles come over the nearby hills.

The SGC have an incoming wormhole and receive SG1s code red. SG1 make it through the gate, along with a spear of some kind. It appears that Captain Tagmen has been tranquilized by some kind of dart. General Hammond informs Major Carter that he has had a call from Area 51 and 'its' done. It being the X302.

Jonas is studying and listening to some classical music, when Sam enters the room. Sam informs Jonas that Colonel O'Neill has a torn ligament and that Tagmen will make a full recovery. Sam asks Jonas if he would like to go off-base to Nevada, Jonas is obsessed with a weather channel and what colour he should wear. Major Carter reveals that SG1 call each other each morning, to synchronise clothes.

Sam, Jack, Teal'c and Jonas go to see the X302. A cross between a death glider and a stealth bomber, with extra speedy bits. Jack keeps repeating the word no. Teal'c explains that O'Neill believes they will be requested to test fly the craft. (Teal'c and Jack were marooned in space by the X302s predecessor. Episode 412 - Tangent).
The X302 is discussed. We find out that there are no Goa'uld components, and that it has 4 engines. Air breathing jets, rocket booster, hyper space window generator, and modified high-altitude engines.

Jack tries to run away from a conversation between General Hammond, and the Russian envoy, Colonel Chekov. Only to be called back by Hammond. Colonel Chekov wants a Russian officer to replace Daniel Jackson on SG1 (see meridian, season 5). Jacks answer is 'over his rotting corpse' and 'bite me'. O'Neill apologises to Hammond after the Chekov leaves, and the general informs jack that he agrees with his sentiments on the matter of a Russian team member. Jack is sent stumbling off to find a suitable, qualified, replacement.

In the next scene we find out that Jonas has been tested, and he has managed to learn all of Dr. Jackson's work. He wants to join SG1, but Sam lets him down gently. We move to a gym, where Jonas and Teal'c are boxing (Teal'c keeps decking Jonas), and discussing their relationship. They make a deal that if Jonas can knock Teal'c down, he will speak to Jack for him. Guess what, Teal'c puts Jonas on the floor yet again.

Jack and Teal'c are having a little argument about a 4th member of SG1, when the base alarm sounds (incoming traveler). Its Bra'tac, who has come to take Teal'c to his wife's bedside.
The Russian, Sam, Jonas and Hammond are arguing about the X302 (the Russian has found out somehow), when the base alarm sounds again. It is an incoming wormhole but nothing is coming through. The wormhole should close, but it isn't.

When Teal'c arrives at the Jaffa outpost Dreyac is already dead, and Ryac runs off. Carter, O'Neill and Hammond discuss the incoming gate connection. They decide to wait for 38 minutes, the maximum time that it is known to be able to sustain a wormhole for. The Stargate doesn't close. Teal'c mourns the loss of his wife, and breaks down in tears at her bedside. Ryac argues with his father in the woods and gives Teal'c a good battering when he refuses to fight. Sam discovers that energy is being built up in the gate, by what would normally be seen as a small anomaly, but this time it has a distinct pattern. Bra'tac stops Ryac from beating Teal'c and lectures him on his beliefs, and how a noble warrior should act.

Sam reveals that the energy build up in the gate would eventually cause it to explode. It would wipe out Colorado, and the resulting effects could destroy life on Earth. The SGC are running out of time and have no idea how to stop it.

Teal'c attends the cremation of Dreyac. Ryac runs off, and Bra'tac discuss him with Teal'c. After the cremation, they have a father/son chat at the foot of the gate.

The extremely annoying 'gate expert' McKay arrives, currently working for the Russians. Carter and O'Neill volunteer to try and contact the Asgard using the X302. A ship arrives at the Jaffa outpost. A friend of Teal'c has brought word that the Tauri are under attack from Anubis.

Sam and Jack arrive (in some rather strange suits) at Area 51 to take the X302 on its trip to visit the Asgard. Jonas and McKay tell General Hammond about the instability of the Naquadria that is used in the X302. Jack and Sam check the crafts systems (no phasers to Jacks disappointment) and discuss the safety of the X302 with Hammond. They lift off. The Jaffa discuss the weapon that Anubis is using to destroy earths gate. Bra'tac tries to find a busy gate on one of Anubis's worlds, in an attempt to find the origin of the attack. jack engages the rocket burn, and they shoot off into space. Sam enters the co-ordinates into the hyperspace generator, and engages the window. But a safety mechanism cuts in as they attempt to launch through, and aborts. They return to base in the X302 and its decided that Earth is on its own.

Sam and Jack Discuss her ability to 'pull brilliant ideas out of her butt'. They decide to give up and go to eat cake, when the base alarm sounds again. There is a widespread loss of power, and a vision of Anubis appears before the gate. He seems to have acquired the Asgard hologram projection technology. Possibly from Thor via a mind device (Revelations, season 5 finale). Anubis gleefully announces that the Tauri should 'prepare for your doom'. The episode ends with a comment from Colonel Jack O'Neill, 'Oh please'. And a to be continued...

Author: Vern

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