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The episode opens with McKay and Sam climbing some stairs at the SGC. They are discussing Anubis, with McKay doing his rather funny Goa'uld impressions, Sam is not amused.
A couple of geeky scientists give McKay the idea to fire an EM pulse through the gate. Major Carter doesn't think its such a good idea, as the iris would have to be opened. They also don't know how much EM would be required. General Hammond gives Sam until McKay's plan is setup to think of a better idea. *opening sequence*

Teal'c, Bra'tac and Ry'ac have successfully located an Anubis planet they cannot dial. Ry'ac insists that he will accompany his father and master Bra'tac, Teal'c unwillfully agrees.

Major Carter tries to dissuade General Hammond to go along with McKay's Plan, but hasn't got any better ideas. Sam goes down to the gate room, and gleefully points out that McKay's put the pulse generator the wrong way round.

Ry'ac wants to go with his father on to the planets surface. They come under fire when it appears that Anubis can detect cloaked craft. Ry'ac points out that its equally as dangerous on the ship as on the planet, and is transported to the surface with Bra'tac and Teal'c. Teal'c shows concern for his son, and tells him to stay close to him, as the guards may be aware of their presence.

On the surface Bra'tac unleashes a Goa'uld flash bang as they are spotted by guards. A battle ensues, Teal'c and Bratac show skillful mastering of their staff, and Ry'ac, his zat. Ry'ac takes one in the back of his shoulder. But Teal'c whacks the guard in the face, spins his staff around under his arm, and unleashes a blast straight into his chest without looking.

Back at the SGC the pulse generator is ready. The blast doors are closed and Sam opens the Iris with a hand scanner (more later). Energy transfer is increasing through the gate. The EM generator is wound up and lightning type stuff is bounced around the gate room and control center. Hammond orders the Iris to be closed, Sam puts her hand on the scanner and gets shocked. She's left lying unconscious on the SGC floor:
McKay: She's not gonna be happy when she wakes up is she?
Hammond *on phone*:'Medical team to the control room
McKay: She is gonna wake up isn't she?

The three Jaffa warriors are hiding from glider patrols. Ry'ac is quite shocked that his seniors were not hit, though outnumbered.
Teal'c: It is always more difficult to hit a moving target
Bra'tac: Its also helpful to be lucky
Teal'C looks round and grins as another glider fly's overhead, they move off.

McKay and Sam are in the infirmary.
McKay: I always wanted to be a pianist
Sam *thinks he said something else*: Excuse me???
McKay: Concert pianist? ......
Sam looks down and grins. McKay talks about his childhood, attempting to bond with Sam. Major Carter is somewhat baffled by this until...
McKay: Hospital gowns turn me on.
McKay complements Sam, which creeps her out. Sam decides to get dressed and has to tell McKay to leave. She declines his offer to hold something.

Teal'c Bra'tac and Ry'ac hide on a hill overlooking Anubis's weapon. Its a big ring of stones with an energy beam pulsing around the top of them. In the centre is the weapon itself shooting out a beam.
Teal'c recognises it to have been built by the Ancients, and they set off to destroy it. Ry'ac is left on the hill. They hope that Anubis can only operate it and not re-build it quickly.

The scientists are bickering and McKay and Carter notice Jonas in the gate room. Sam joins Jonas.
Jonas asks how the gate was brought into the mountain. Sam explains that the roof retracts to reveal a shaft to the surface. At the top is a crane. Sam gets the idea to move the gate off earth.

Teal'c and Bra'tac discover a shield around the weapon. They head off.

Sam hatches a plan to launch the gate into space using the X302 and a 747 Jet. The scientist aren't convinced but Carter say's its happening. Hammond tells them to move it and congratulates Sam. The Major points out that it was Jonas who gave her the idea, and they wont have a Stargate no more.

With yet another bit of that cool staff weapon spinning, Teal'c and Bra'tac are surrounded and surrender.

The gate is craned out of the SGC. Hammond and Colonel Chekov are discussing the US renting 'the Russian' Stargate (they nicked the first gate out of the ocean, when Thor's ship crash landed). The Russians also want the X302 technology. General Hammond says there will be no Stargate program on earth, because Anubis can launch another strike.

Teal'c is being interrogated for Ry'ac's location.

Sam briefs Jack on the X302 plan. Jack finds it 'bazaar' that Sam wishes she could go with him. O'Neill gets in a lift and they discuss Jonas's.

Ry'ac listens in on a group of guards. They are ordered to transport the prisoners to the Hatak. Ry'ac sneaks off as a glider goes overhead.

Jacks in one of those quite fashionable suits again. The X302 and gate are on top of a big 747 passenger jet. They take off.

Ry'ac makes it to where the gliders are kept.

The X302 (+ gate) separate from the 747 and head for space. The X302 is struggling and jack shouldn't fire the rocket booster yet. O'Neill burns the rocket, but it doesn't last long enough. McKay has the idea of dropping the gate in the Atlantic.

Ry'ac attacks the Jaffa guarding Teal'c and Bra'tac in a death glider.
Jack wants to use the hyperspace drive inside earths atmosphere. McKay and Sam argue. Jonas and Sam decide that using hyperspace for 1 second would be long enough and safer, Hammond calls the president.
Sam and McKay override the safety system of the X302.

Ry'ac is being attacked by another glider.
Sam wishes jack good luck and he activates the hyperspace window, you see some clamps retract. There is visual conformation that the X302 has entered hyperspace. Carter tries to reach O'Neill on the radio, and an explosion is confirmed in the sky, over 3million miles from earth.
There is visual of a shoot and the cockpit module is intact. O'Neill is reported to be conscious and waving.

Ry'ac flies in and destroys Anubis's weapon with a couple of blasts from his death glider.
Bra'tac restrained Teal'c has he cries out his sons name, fearing he has been hurt.

McKay and Sam are chatting and walking down a corridor in the SGC. They stop and McKay shakes Sam's hand, Sam gives McKay a peck on the cheek.
McKay: That means you don't hate me.
Sam: Maybe... to bad for you.
McKay: Why?
Sam *walks off smirking*: I was more attracted to you when i did.
McKay: Really???

Jack wants to command his own boat, one with oars. Hammond and O'Neill joke a little with each other.
Hammond's notified of a communication.
The general and SG1 assemble in the control room. Its Teal'c, informing them of the weapons destruction. He is in the cargo ship and Hammond gives him permission to land.
Teal'c honors his son, himself and Bra'tac, each with a hand on Ry'ac's shoulders.

The 'Russian' gate is being lowered into the SGC, Hammond and Carter discuss the rental of the gate. Money, the X302 plans and 'one other thing'.
Ry'ac is preparing to leave. He shakes hands with O'Neill, and hugs his father as Jack leaves. Jonas chats with Jack about being on SG1.
O'Neill meets with Hammond who tells him about the deal to have a Russian member on SG1
Jack: This is the thanks i get for saving the world again.
Jack suggests giving the Russians there own unit, and tells general Hammond that he's already chosen Daniel's replacement.
Jonas arrives in the gate room wearing a helmet, which Sam suggests he looses. The 'new' SG1 go through the gate (its the bit from the new title sequence).

The End

Author: Vern

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