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Katie Stuart first appeared in this award winning science fiction series as eleven year old alien Cassandra in the fifteenth episode of series one, "Singularity" in which SG-1, a team of scientists and soldiers find Cassandra, the sole survivor of a race called the Hankans, who appear to have been wiped out by a virus brought to the planet by SG-7, the first Earth team sent there.

Captain Carter finds Cassandra in the bushes while tagging the dead bodies, and they take her home through the Stargate to Earth. When they arrive, Cassandra and Carter begin to grow close.

Cassandra complains of chest pains and is taken to the infirmary to see Doctor Janet Fraiser. She and Samantha Carter discover a shocking secret about Cassandra…  She has a bomb implanted in her chest, and it is intended to destroy Earth's Stargate…
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Thanks to Sarah Eyton, Elisabeth Rosen Online, for this review.


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