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The SG teams display primitive behaviour after they visit a planet divided in to two halves, the dark side and the light side. The inhabitants of the dark side have been "touched," infected with a virus that reduces people to primitives. Johnson attacks TealíC in the briefing room (and fails) Makepeace attacks another officer, and Carter comes on to OíNeill in the locker room. Soon all of the members from the mission, plus Hammond, except for Daniel and Teal'C are affected. They travel to the planet and Daniel is kidnapped. TealíC gets a blood sample from "the touched" and gives it to Dr Frasier. She comes up with a cure and tests it on a volunteer, Colonel OíNeill. It works and they help "the touched," and get Daniel back.
Guest Cast: Gerard Plunkett, Nicole Oliver, Danny Wattley, Steve Makaj, Gary Jones

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