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While TealíC is trying to prove himself as a valuable member of the SGC and not a lab rat for the Pentagon, Major Kawalsky is suffering from headaches, and gets himself checked out. He blacks out and kills the young doctor. Carter finds him on the ramp and he does not remember how he got there, so he goes to see Dr Warner, who finds a parasite has woven itself around his spine. Kawalsky over powers Warner and heads for the control room, knocking out the technicians on his way. Carter comes in and tries to stop him. She sounds the alarm and OíNeill comes rushing, so he takes her prisoner, dragging her in to the elevator. She struggles and he throws her back against the metal, injuring her. OíNeill gets the elevator doors open and finds Kawalsky, who is crouched over Carter worriedly. He doesnít remember what happened. They get him in to an isolation room and tie him up, and Warner explains. They try to remove the Goaíuld, and think they have, but they only remove a dead husk. Kawalsky gets to the Gate, and finds TealíC in his way. TealíC puts his head in the Stargate, and OíNeill shuts it down, slicing his brain. TealíCís allegiance is clear, and he joins SG-1.
Guest Cast: Jay Acovone, Alan Rachins, Gary Jones, Kevin McNulty, Warren Takeuchi

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