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SG-1 are sent to investigate when SG-9 do not return. They find one member, Lt Connor (First Wave’s Rodger R Cross) who tells them that their leader, Carter’s ex fiancé, Jonas Hanson, (Boy Meets World’s Will Russ) has gone crazy and thinks he is the inhabitant’s god. He is forcing them to build a temple, and they are dying from exhaustion. SG-1 try to help them and get the team home, but Connor is captured and tied up in the hot sun. Almost dead, O’Neill frees him, but he, Carter and Connor are found and taken to Jonas. Jonas shows Carter a device and tells her she has to make it work, or he will kill her friends. What he does not know is he needs a second device to make it work and protect the people from the sun. Teal’C finds this device. Jonas calls everyone to gather at the Gate, and he dials it up to Earth. He does not send a code and he plans to send Connor and O’Neill through. Carter stops him, earning a hard punch to the face, but O’Neill and Connor get out of the way. They convince the locals that Jonas is no god, it is technology he uses, not magic. He grabs Sam and runs towards the Gate, but O’Neill knocks her out of the way. Jonas goes through and the people are free, and the device allows them to roam out in the sun for as long as they want.
Guest Cast: William Russ, Rodger R Cross, Adrian Hughes, Zahf Paroo, D. Neil Mark, Darcy Laurie

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