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TealíC informs the Stargate Command of a species of alien called the Fenri, alien birds with stealth capabilities. They explore and encounter Apophis. His Jaffa kill them all, and they find themselves waking up in a hut. They discover that a race of people called The Nox bought them back from the dead. But they didnít just bring back SG-1, they brought back the enemy. These peaceful aliens hide, they do not fight, and OíNeill tries to convince him that they must defeat Apophis or the planet will not be safe. However they are more advanced than he knows, and they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. They are the ones who hide the Fenri, but they can hide more than that, including a huge city in the sky
Guest Cast: Armin Shimerman, Peter Williams, Frida Betrani, David Mulligan, Addison Ridge, Ray Xifo

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