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Following the previous episode (Prometheus) SG-1 are stranded at an unknown location in the galaxy, following a hyperspace jump.
The vessel is operational, but their co-ordinates are unknown.
Suddenly, Thor (Michael Shanks) appears and makes a plea for help, he continues to explain that the android (Reece) contained a string of programming within her "come forth", the Asgard sent this message throughout the universe, and the replicators congregated into one Asgard planet.
The Asgard planned to contain all the replicators within this planet by creating a temporal displacement device, which would slow down time by a scale of 1:10000.
This device was encased within a 'impenetrable' neutroneum alloy.
This attempt of the Asgard's was foiled, in the seconds before the device was activated, 'The first' was created, he was a replicator, designed in human form, but he was still created with the same flaw in programming that Reese had.
He stopped the device from activating, and all the work of the Asgard wasted, 'The first' changed the device to speed up time by a factor of 1:100, and this led to the creation of four more human-like replicators.
Thor wanted the Tau'ri's help because their technology was inferior, and the replicators would have no want for it, this would allow SG-1 to change the settings of the time device on the planet, and trap the replicators within a temporal bubble.
When SG-1 arrive on the planet, they are somewhat apprehensive, as they should be, Sam (Amanda Tapping) discovers that the whole surface they are standing on, is actually a giant surface of replicator blocks, she presumes there is more than one layer, and that the whole planet is probably lined with them (that would account for the flat landscape)
The team continues to enter the only structure on the planet, where Sam finds the device, she explains that the control panel is still operational, and she will be able to change the settings of the device.
Just as Sam gets to work, the team is met by five replicators that look fully human, the meeting soon turns into a firefight, and replicator's emerge from the structure and surround SG-1.
The replicators that resemble humans continue with the pleasantries, and 'The first' stretches his hand out to shake Jack's (Richard Dean Anderson) where 'the first' shoves his hand into jack's head (the replicators have the ability to read mind's in this manner)
SG-1 wake up with splitting headaches in the bridge of the ship (The X-303) it turns out that 'the fifth' had carried all the team members back to the ship, and the team have no recollection of the probe into their minds.
'The fifth' turns out to be a recent creation of the replicators, and he was created without the initial flaw of programming, he appears and acts completely human, and is seen as flawed by the other replicators, but the other replicators are actual flaws, and 'the fifth' is the perfect representation of what Reese's creator wished.
'The fifth' extends an invitation for SG-1 to eat dinner with them, here they meet 'The sixth'.
The replicators only wish SG-1 to eat because they want to probe into their mind again. "They only wish you to eat, so as to replenish your energy, so they can enter your minds, over and over again"
'The fifth' is invited by 'the first' to probe their mind's and observe 'the chaos' of the human mind..
Sam allows him to probe her mind, whereupon he say's that he will activate the device, if he can escape with them on the X-303.
All the team wakes up in the structure on the surface, where they find 'the fifth' setting the device, Sam explains to jack what is happening, and 'the fifth' allows Sam to set the timer.
The replicator can move a lot faster than any human, so sg-1 plan to run to the ship and start the engines, while 'the fifth' has to stay behind until the last few minutes, as the others will be alerted to the plan, Sam says that he should run after 3 minutes have passed, on a timer supposedly set at 5 minutes, the reality is that jack signaled to Major Carter to set the timer to minutes (the device would activate with him still on the planet)
After 2 minutes or so, as the replicator was about to set off, he was met by 'The first' who would stop him from leaving, he say's that the humans are leaving without him, but 'The fifth' does not believe it, he lifts up the timer to see 2 seconds are left on the timer, he sobs "she promised, she promised" , the camera pan's to show time seemingly frozen, while the device is surrounded by all the humanlike replicators, and replicator bugs.
SG-1 escapes from the planet, though everyone except jack is austere, they had used his humanity against him.

Thanks to Dave Pike for this review.

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