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When the Tok'ra Anise  arrives through the Earth Stargate with some mysterious alien devices, O'Neill suspects that the Tok'ra are up to something…

Teal'C is unable to use the devices - arm bands, designed to give the wearer incredible speed and strength - however Carter, Daniel and O'Neill are allowed to take part in the experiment to see how they work. They begin to feel the effects very quickly, but trouble arises when Janet finds Carter working in her lab with the lights off, and runs some tests, the results showing a dangerous virus in her friend's system.

SG-1 attempt to remove the devices but fail. While Carter is busy writing her one thousand page book on wormhole physics, Jack gets himself in to a lot of trouble when he accidentally injures Siler, leading Hammond to confine them all to quarters.

Anise reports that the Tok'ra have a mission for SG-1, but Hammond decides that it is too dangerous. Defying orders yet again in this episode, the team prepares to go through the Stargate to destroy Apophis's new battle ship. But the arm bands fail and leave them stuck on a Goa'uld ship with Major Carter trapped behind a force shield…

Guest Cast: Vanessa Angel (Weird Science & Baywatch)

Thanks to Sarah Eyton, Elisabeth Rosen Online, for this review.


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