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Wolf SG-5 was the biggest UK Stargate Convention so far, with over 1,000 fans from all over the world flocking to see Christopher Judge (Teal’C), Peter Williams (Apophis), Jay Acovone (Kawalsky), Marshall Teague (Cromwell), JR Bourne (Martouf), Lynn Smith (Location Manager), N John Smith (Executive Producer), and the lovely Garwin Sanford (Narim) as well as 2 special surprise guests – Douglas H Arthurs (Heru’ur) and the wonderful Jacqueline Samuda (Nirrti.)

This years stage was the best yet – designed to give the feeling that you are on a Goa’uld mothership, complete with Stargate and Sarcophagus.

The charity auctions and dates with JR raised a lot of money for charity and it must be said that Chris, Garwin, JR and Jacqueline are marvellous sports. The four stars auctioned a feel of their bums!!!

They signed at least one autograph for every person there and took photos with most attendees while the others answered the fans questions in the main hall.

Christopher Judge was extremely funny, as was SGC comedian Gary Jones, who wowed the crowds with his witty remarks. Garwin and JR got in to a battle over Sam and seemed to make a decision that she is "a black widow" and that they must stay away from her, and Jacqueline told us a tiny bit about her latest appearance on the show, in an episode based on her own idea.

Arthurs and Samuda made their first UK appearances and received a very warm response, as did Sanford, who was making his first WORLD con appearance. Arthurs impressed fans further by appearing at the evening parties, dancing, talking and taking more photos with the fans.

My personal favourite guest was Mr Garwin Sanford who was a very lovely person. He remembered me and I’m waiting anxiously by my mailbox for the "little something" he was going to send me.

Overall it was a great weekend and the Norbrek Castle provided a much better environment for the con than the Heathrow Park Hotel. Fans did not leave disappointed (only very upset that it was over!)

My thanks and praise goes to the organiser, Brian, and Simon plus the rest of the team for making it run (what appeared to be) very smoothly.

Thanks to Sarah Eyton, Elisabeth Rosen Online, for this review + pics.

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